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6 Health Benefits of Using Your Spa

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In this post, we will share our top 6 health benefits of using your spa. Using your spa on a regular basis will benefit your body’s health in many ways. Now, let’s take a closer look at what these benefits are.

1. Improved Mobility

Soaking in your spa can help restore and maintain lost joint mobility. The warm water of your spa reduces inflammation in your joints, which helps create greater flexibility. The buoyancy in a spa also helps relieve any tense muscles, especially in the back and shoulders. Doing stretches while you soak can also help keep your body feeling young and tension free.

2. Stress Relief

Most adults walk around with high-stress levels due to work, life difficulties or health issues. Soaking in your spa gives you a place to sit and let your mind rest. The hydromassage jets provide soothing relief to the lower back and shoulders. These are the most common places people experience pain due to stress. We recommend using your spa as a place where you can sit in silence and pray or meditate. And, feel free to add some spa fragrances to enrich the relaxation experience.

3. Muscle Pain Relief and Recovery

We all know that feeling two days after that first day back at the gym…It’s not a very pleasant feeling! soaking in your spa can take that uncomfortable soar feeling away. Whether you are a professional athlete, or a Mama chasing a two-year-old through the park, you don’t have time for long periods of recovery. The heated water combined with the hydromassage jets massage the stiffness and push toxins out of your muscles.

4. Improved Sleep

If you suffer from insomnia, or just have trouble calming down to sleep, soaking in the spa before bed is a great solution. Recent studies show that soaking in the spa for 20 minutes before going to bed, helps decrease the time it takes for you to fall asleep and improves the depth and quality of your sleep.

5. Relief for Arthritis

The moist heat and buoyancy that spas provide are ideal for relieving joint stiffness and pain caused by Arthritis. The heat helps relax and loosen the tendons and ligaments of your joints while the buoyancy helps to alleviate pressure on your joints. Relieving the joint pain can make it much easier for people with Arthritis to exercise, which is also a key to relief.

6. Relief for Headaches

Soaking in your spa does not directly or instantly take away headache pain. Headaches are usually caused by stress, fatigue, lifestyle and health choices. Even though spas do not directly affect headaches, they can be a cure for many of the causes (the main ones being stress and tension) of headaches.

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