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No Ozone Bubbles in Your Spa? Do this.

No Ozone Bubbles-

In this post, we are going to show you what to do when you have no ozone bubbles flowing in your spa. There are a few easy things to check when this happens. If your spa is equipped with a Freshwater Ozonator, you’ll see it mounted on the wall inside the equipment compartment.

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Step 1


Remove the Filter

If you go out to your spa one day and there are no longer ozone bubbles rising up from the drain of your tub, you’ll want to start by removing the filter with the grey cap. After you do this, check to see if the ozone bubbles start flowing again. If they do, then you’ll need to clean or replace that filter. (Click here to purchase new filters for your spa)

If the ozone bubbles don’t start flowing again, move on to step 2.

Step 2


Remove the Ozone Line

Remove the ozone line connected to the freshwater 3 ozonator. If bubbles reappear then the ozonator is clogged and the ozonator air intake needs to be inspected.
The air intake for the ozonator will be a short tube usually with a little bit of cotton inside or a special stone which air can be filtered through.
Try removing this intake temporarily to see if it resolves the issue. If it does, then replace it. If not, then you’ll likely need to replace the ozonator itself.

Step 3


Take a Look at the Check Valve

If there were still no ozone bubbles with the ozone line disconnect from the ozonator then you’ll need to next take a look at the check valve. If the check valve gets stuck closed, it can prevent the ozone bubbles from flowing.

Disconnect the section of ozone line between the black injector and the check valve from the bottom of the check valve. Check to see if the bubbles are flowing. If they are, then you’ll need to replace the check valve and connect everything back together.

Still no ozone bubbles!?
Check the injector for clogs.

Step 4


Check the Injector for Clogs.

To clean out the injector, unscrew the barbed fitting from the injector using a pair of channel lock pliers. Then, take a 1/8 inch flathead screwdriver and use it to break through any calcium buildup in the slot inside the injector. You should hear the air bubbles flowing again once you break through the calcium. This slot can get clogged with calcium and may need to be cleared periodically.
If water comes out of the injector after you remove the barbed fitting, then there isn’t enough water flowing through the injector to create the suction needed. When this happens, you’ll need to check that the circulation pump is running and replace it if necessary.

Last Step


Test the Ozone Bubbles

Once everything’s hooked back up and the ozone bubbles are flowing again place one hand over the bubbles for several seconds and one hand in the water not over the bubbles smell your hand that was over the ozone bubbles and then for comparison smell the hand that wasn’t. Ozone has a sweet metallic smell, so if you can’t smell the ozone than the ozonator may need to be replaced.

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