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Replacing Your Rotary and Directional Hydromassage Jets In Two Easy Steps

Step 2. Screw in the new jet and thumbnail 1-

In this post, we show you how to remove and replace a rotary and directional hydromassage jet on a 1996-2011 Hot Spring, Hot Spot, Solana, and Tiger River Spa. This jet has been redesigned from the “push-in style” to a “screw-in style” shown. This redesign will prevent it from detaching from the holder unexpectedly.

Step 1. Remove the old rotary or directional hydromassage jet from the jet body by unscrewing it or pulling it straight out.

hydromassage jet
Step 1.5. Remove the old jet-

Step 2. Install the new jet by screwing it into the jet body.

Step 2. Screw in the new jet and thumbnail-
Step 2.5. Screw in the new rotary jet-

Mission accomplished!

Step 3. Mission accomplished-

Watch the video here!

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