Jet Pump, 2.0HP, 48-Frame, 2-Speed, 230V, 8.4/3.0A

Item #: 06120500-2040

This is the After-Market version of the Wavemaster® 8200 jet pump which can be found on the 2004-2005 Hot Spring Envoy, 2007 Aria, 2007-current Grandee (GG model), and the 2005-2007 Tiger River Caspian spa models. Also one of two pump models found on all Limelight Glow & Flair spa models.

**NO VENT SHROUD or Power Cord**  2 HP (Operational horsepower), 2 Speed, 48frame, 230v, 2″ intake/discharge. Compression fittings included.

  • Add Free Bleedline Nipple: Hot Spring, Hot Spot, Solana? (32267):

  • Add Bleedline Nipple Tiger River/Limelight? (33732):

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What’s Included: Pump, two compression fittings with o-rings. **NO VENT SHROUD or POWER CORD**
Specs: 2.0 HP (operational horsepower), 48 Frame,  230v./60hz 2 speeds. Also included are two compression fittings with o-rings and a power cord (not pictured).
Vent Shroud: Per the manufacturer, this pump is designed to be air-cooled and does not need a shroud. You may, however, use your existing shroud.

Important information for replacement parts:
Please check the model number and markings on your wet end before selecting replacement parts.

After-Market 72197-BYP
Model: 06120500-2040
Wet End Impeller Shaft Seal Wear Ring
72995-BYP* 71405-SB** 71447-BYP 71409-E

*Stamped on wet end leg: 92770705; Stamped on volute cover: 91231605
**71405-SB Dots: silver, blue (use 71409-E wear ring)
If you can’t determine the dots on your impeller, buy the entire wet-end kit. The installation time is about the same.

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