Rotary Jet, Cool Gray, Hot Spring, Solana, Tiger River, Hot Spot (Case of 12)

Item #: 71372

CASE OF 12 Factory replacement cool gray rotary jet for all 1997-2011 Hot Spring & Tiger River spas, all 1997-2002 Hot Spot and all 2003-2010 Solana spa models. This jet has been redesigned from the “push-in style” to a “screw-in style” shown. This redesign will prevent it from detaching from the holder unexpectedly. The included instructions are clear and installing this replacement takes seconds.

Other available colors:
White Rotating Jet-71619
Warm Gray Rotating Jet-73303
Taupe Rotating Jet-71880

Note: If you discover ball bearings in your spa, the only part in a Hot Spring, Tiger River, Hot Spot, Solana, Limelight or Caldera spa that has ball bearings is a rotating jet.

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