Relay, IQ 2000 Control Box

Item #: 74723-OPENBOX

Open box items are items that have been returned to our warehouse and cannot be sold as brand new. Items that are returned to us in less than perfect condition are considered open box and may include the following defects:

  • Cosmetic scratches, wear, dents, etc.
  • Items that were energized, but otherwise not defective and in good working order
*All open box items include a 1 year warranty unless otherwise stated.

This 30amp 18volt DC coil relay is used in the 1997 and 1998-2000 Hot Spring & Tiger River IQ 2000 Control Box. There are two of these relays located in the upper left corner of the IQ 2000 control box. One is the heater relay and one is the heater interlock relay, both the same part number. These relays age at the same rate so always replace them in pairs.