Wet End Kit, Wavemaster 7000 (ver. 3) 1.65 hp Pump

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This is the complete “Wet End” of the  Wavemaster 7000 1.65hp, 48 Frame jet pump. The jet pump is comprised of two main components: the electric motor and the “Wet End”. Please verify your pump’s model number and vendor code when selecting replacement parts.

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  • Add 2 Compression Fitting O-rings?:

  • Add Free Bleedline Nipple? (33732):

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What’s Included: Volute, volute cover, volute o-ring, volute stainless steel screws, wear ring, impeller and the shaft seal. Also included are the bleedline nipple (item 32267) and a slinger.

Description: This is the complete “Wet End” of the Wavemaster 7000 1.65HP, 48 Frame jet pump. Your Wavemaster 7000 (v. 3) jet pump is comprised of two main components: the electric motor and the “Wet End”. In some cases, this entire “Wet End Kit” is needed. Perfect remedy if your “Wet End” has cracked due to a severe freeze since neither of the two halves are available individually. If your existing impeller is any color other than black, then you will need this “Wet End Kit” as well. Here’s why: One of the two pump manufacturers that made this pump for Hot Springs went out of business, taking with them molds for the slightly smaller in diameter impeller. The shaft seal is still available. The front and top of this “Wet End Kit ” will attach to your existing compression fittings (aka pump union).

Installation: All “Wet End Kits” come pre-assembled from the factory. To install this kit you will need to disassemble it and re-assemble it one piece at a time onto your existing pump motor. Typical assembly time of this kit is two hours for the non-service tech.  After connecting the pump unions (compression fittings), the pump may not align with the holes that anchor the pump to the floor of the equipment compartment. You may need to re-anchor using no longer than 1″ lag bolts. When pre-drilling for those bolts, do not pre-drill more than 1/4″ into the floor of the equipment compartment or you may drill into plumbing lines.

Important information for replacement parts:
Please check the vendor code or pump model on your pump before ordering replacement parts and use the chart to determine the correct wet-end replacement. If your vendor code reads “4081“, see item 72994.

Wet end will work the following pump models:
36675-03 or 302670-03
Wet End Impeller Shaft Seal Wear Ring
77711* n/a 77363 n/a

*Stamped on wet-end: PP-GF30; B436-14 (03).
**For volute-oring, see item 48WUA-V

***If the vendor code is “3861” or has a 36675-01 or 36675-02 as the model number, please call 805-541-9000 or text us photos of your pump’s labels or stickers.

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