Quick Glaze Acrylic Repair Kit, Alpine

Item #: WT6064

This is a surface repair kit for alpine colored spa shells. This repair should be done by a qualified service professional. Most of the time it’s best to hire an acrylic repair company to do this repair.

Packaged for several small repairs or up to (3) – 15? cracks or (3 to 5) 3? Blisters. Revised Quick Glaze Repair Kit, matched to Watkin’s colors in the Quick Glaze system base coats verses the MMA System base coat colors. Please note: Quick Glaze and MMA Base coats do not intermix. This kit uses the same K2000 Clear coat system. See instructions for kit component mixtures. When placing order, please keep in mind that prices vary between colors.

Kit Components:

(1) 1 oz. Primer Coat Quick Glaze (PC) or Marble Swirl Light color (LT)
(1) 1 oz. Base Coat Quick Glaze (PB) or Marble Swirl Dark color (DK)
(1) 2 oz. K2000 Clear Coat
(1) 1/2 oz. K2000 Clear Coat Hardener
(1) 4oz. K2000 Clear Coat Thinner/Reducer
(1) 2oz. Quick Glaze Retarder/Thinner
(1) 4oz. Quick Glaze Finishing Solvent
(1) 2oz. Hand Glaze Surface Prep
(1) 3oz. Acrylic Filler with Component B
(1) each Sandpaper: 600, 400, 320, 220, 100 Grit
(5) Graduated Medicine Mixing Cups
(5) Stir Sticks
(1) Pair of Nitrile Gloves