What do we call our parts?

In the world of Watkins Manufacturing, all life begins with the spa serial number. All replacement parts & accessories will refer to the spa’s serial number to identify the correct replacement part for that spa.

Let’s find your serial number! 
Hot Spring, Tiger River, Hot Spot and Solana, made by Watkins Manufacturing, will have their serial number located on the wall or floor of the equipment compartment. See examples below:HOT SPRING

Floor Sticker
Filter Area Sticker (Pre-’89)
Metal Tag (Pre-’89)

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Wall Sticker

Wall Sticker
Wall Sticker (Pre-’98)

Wall Sticker

NOTE: The spa serial number will never be located on any components (i.e: pumps, heaters etc.) or on the outside of the spa.  Some early 1980’s models of Hot Spring had the serial number sticker located just above the waterline in the filter area.
I found my serial number 
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If you are looking for a part but you don’t know what it’s called, click on one of the images below and hover your mouse pointer over the different areas of the picture and the name of the part will appear.