Replacing Smart Jet Selector Valve on a Hot Spring spa

In this video we show you how to change the diverter valve o your HotSpring Spa. We share each step in detail as well as some helpful tips that will help make this repair successful.

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Wavemaster pump repair on a Hot Spring spa

In this video we show you how to replace the various parts of the Wet-End of your Wavemaster jet pump. Whether it is an impeller, shaft seal, or o-rings, you will get all of the insight and knowledge in this easy-to-follow video tutorial.

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How to replace a Hot Spring Spa Heater Relay Board

If your spa seems to be running fine but isn’t heating, there is a good chance you could have a bad heater relay board. In this video we show you how to troubleshoot and replace the heater relay board in your HotSpring Spa.

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How to replace your Circulation Pump

In this video we will show you how to replace the circulation pump in your HotSpring, Tiger River, or Limelight Spa. If you are seeing the “POWER” light, “POWER & READY” lights, your circulation pump may be bad. For this tutorial you will need a few tools and a voltage meter.

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How to replace a control panel on a Hot Spring Spa

In this video we are going to walk you through replacing the Control Panel (Control Head) on your HotSpring Spa. This tutorial is for HotSpring Spa models from 1997-2009.5. If the control head on your spa has gone bad, just follow this video to install the new one.

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No ozone bubbles from your Freshwater ozone unit?

If you aren’t seeing your usual ozone bubbles coming up from the bottom of your spa, we want to help you troubleshoot the issue. In this detailed video, we give you a variety of things to check so you can pinpoint the issue with the ozonator in your spa. So grab your tools and let’s go!

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Upgrade your old IQ 2000 Control Box to an IQ 2020 Control Box

In this video, we teach you step by step how to upgrade your old IQ2000 Control Box to the newer IQ2020 Control Box. We go through all the details in this great video so you can save money, do the fix yourself, and gain some very valuable knowledge.

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