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HotSpring Spas Operation (Including 4 Safety Features)

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In this post, We explore how Hotspring Spas work. You will get a rundown of all the various functionalities of these great spas. When you are done reading this post you will have a greater understanding of how your spa works.

General Overview

Your spa is made up of about 5 main components. All of these components work together to create your hot tubbing experience. Here is the “birds-eye view” of how your spa works:

Water is drawn through the main filter into a plumbing system that is connected to a pump that moves water through a heating element, which is connected to a heater return. Depending on your model, your jet pump will be connected to a separate plumbing system that leads to the spa jets or the jet pump will be tied into the same plumbing system as your heater.

Safety Features

Every HotSpring Spa is designed and built with the customer’s safety in mind. There are four key safety features for your spa.

  1. The Pressure (Flow) Switch – This is a device that senses the flow of the water through the spa. If the pressure switch does not sense water flow in the spa it will send a signal to the motherboard to shut down the heater. This can potentially prevent your heater from catching fire. If the pressure switch is tripped, you will either see the “Power” and “Ready” lits flashing, or you will see an error code on the control panel.
  2. High-Limit Sensor – This sensor is connected to the heater and reads the temperature of the water. If the water gets too hot (roughly 118 degrees) it will shut the spa down. When this happens you will see the “Power” light flashing or an error code on your control panel.
  3. Temp Control Sensor – This sensor connects to either the inlet of the spa heater or a fitting in the spa. It reads the temperature of the water and then relays that information to the control panel. If this sensor senses an error in the heating circuit it will shut down the spa and you will see the “ready” light flashing or an error code on the control panel.
  4. GFCI Protected Breakers – It is a requirement for HotSpring Spas. GFCI stands for Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter. The GFCI helps protect people from being electrocuted or shocked due to problems with the electrical current. GFCI Breakers also help protect the components in the spa.

How to Keep Your HotSpring Spas Running for A Long Time

HotSpring Spas are made with the highest quality of materials and technology. If you maintain the spa owner’s best practices you can keep your spa running for well over 15 years. Make sure you keep your filters clean, your water chemistry balanced, and don’t party too hard.

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