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Best Hot Tubs of 2020 Guide

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In this post, we are going to share the Best Hot Tubs of 2020 and a few other things to look for when buying.

Are you stuck at home, wishing you were at the Spa? Well, guess what, you can have a High-End Spa experience in your own backyard! When you invest in buying a high-quality Hot Tub, you can take a trip to the spa whenever and however you like.

Owning a Hot Tub also amps up the “Wow-Factor” of your house and makes it the ideal spot for parties and get-togethers. There are countless amazing hot tub brands out there providing you great quality, and searching for the best one has never been easier.

Before we go over our top choice brands, you need to have a general idea of what to look for in a hot tub that best meets lifestyle and needs.

What to Look For In a Hot Tub

Just before you purchase a hot tub you need to have a quick analysis and see what you really need in your hot tub. Once you are all set with what you want, you can start your hunt of finding the best hot tub that perfectly meets your requirements.

Here are a few key things you need to consider when investing in your Hot Tub.


According to your preference, the smallest hot tubs may only have seating for two, while larger ones can have a seating capacity of 6, 7 or sometimes 8 people. However, it’s important to bear in mind that not all seating capacities are comfortable and spacious. If you like your personal space or want to stretch out, you may find that you can’t seat as many people as the manufacturer says; hence, it’s not a bad idea to choose a tub that has a capacity ahead of your requirements.


Each tub has it’s own features that distinguish it from the rest. This category also depends on your preference. Some people love simple, straight forward hot tubs, while others enjoy all the bells and whistles. More premium models include features such as a music player, speakers, ozonators, insulator covers, customizable LED lighting, and more.


Price certainly plays an important factor to consider when it comes to buying luxuries. With tons of choices available, selecting hot tubs that have all the right features can make the selection process a lot easier as it would all come down to square one – the hot tub offering you the best deal to match your budget.

5 Best Hot Tubs of 2020

Now, you should have an overall idea of what to look for in a hot tub. Here are the top 5 best hot tub brands that you can compare to take your luxurious backyard spa experience to the next level.

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and Spas

This well-known brand has grown popular for creating versatile and aesthetically appealing hot tubs since 1915. From Commercial Spas to sophisticated Italian hot tubs, this brand has got it all! The company offers a wide array of spa and hot tub models across several collections and has more than 250 quality checks and inspection standards.

As far as price is concerned, it is still uncertain as they aren’t available online. However, you can always contact your local dealers and get accurate quotes for your desired hot tubs. Not just that, the company’s dealers offer test soaks and customizable lighting options at their facilities for any hot tubs to help consumers choose the best model to fit their needs.

Sundance Spas

The next brand on our list is the largest builder of acrylic hot tubs – Sundance Spas. If you have back or joint pain this spa will be your best friend! Here, you have the option to select the trim color on the spa itself and choose a cover that coordinates with the rest. Their unique models come with built-in, energy-efficient heaters with special features that will help your hot tub to retain heat in cold climates – and what else could you possibly ask for?!

Upon purchase, you get to have 5 to 10 years (depending on the model you choose) of warranty that covers the shell, plumbing, equipment, controls, components, parts, and accessories. In addition to that, the company sends trained technicians for installation, and the company can work with you to design your outdoor space.

Marquis Spas

Next, we have Marquis Spas. This brand is well-reputed for being one of the best hot tub brands that offer quality and durability in the long run. The brand’s hot tubs have set a benchmark for relaxing and enjoyable hydrotherapy experience in the industry. From its Signature and Vector21 series to its Celebrity Hot Tubs, Marquis covers a large selection of models to give you a therapeutic experience on a budget.

Again, the prices aren’t available online so it’s always a good idea to count on your local dealer and get a quote for a customized hot tub.

ThermoSpas Hot Tubs

ThermoSpas Hot Tubs has been manufacturing first-class hot tubs since 1983 and promises nothing but delivering excellent customer service. ThermoSpas is known for its unmatched powerful jets for deep relaxation, customizability, and easy to maintain and use hot tubs. Moreover, ThermoSpas’ “Customer First” approach to all its products also guarantees a 24-hour call-back commitment and a promise to handle any service issue in less than a week. If you are still not convinced, the brand offers the highest quality tubs with 20 years of warranty for worry-free satisfaction.

Hot Spring Spas

Our favorite on the list is none other than the exceptional Hot Spring Spas. We love HotSpring Spas because they are constantly pushing the limits when it come to design and technology. Their portable saltwater hot tubs include soothing massage features and a wide variety of powerful jet options along with energy-efficient models. HotSpring Spas also collaborates with other reputable companies in the industry to ensure comfort and aesthetically pleasing design.

On top of that, you get to enjoy Hot Spring Spas’ patented technology features, such as Tri-X filters and custom ergonomic seating options. The best part is, Here, at Backyard Plus, we have thousands of OEM replacement parts readily available to help save you money by avoiding expensive service calls for repairs.

So, there you have it! We hope you found this information helpful in your journey to purchasing the hot tub that suits your needs best!

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