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How to Safely Move Your Spa

Move Your Spa-

In this post, we will discuss the process of moving your spa the safe way. Our technical support team often gets calls from customers who say a similar phrase: “It was working before we moved it!” Moving your spa the proper way doesn’t just ensure your safety, but it also protects your spa from costly damage.

1. Prepare to Move Your Spa

The first step to safely move your spa is the right preparation. Good preparation will make moving your spa so much easier and safer.

A. Power Down the Spa

Before you can start any other preparation steps, you must turn the main source of power to your spa OFF. For 240V spas: Find your spa subpanel and turn off the 20A and 30A breakers. For 120V spas: Unplug the spa’s GFCI power cable.

B. Drain the Spa

Next, you need to completely drain the spa. Locate the drain plugs of your spa (you may have one or two) and attach a garden hose to the drain. Make sure you are careful when screwing on the garden hose to make sure you don’t damage the plastic threads of the drain. Now, open the drain valve and allow the spa to drain completely.

You can use a wet/dry ShopVac to suck up any remaining water at the bottom of the tub. You should also push any remaining water in the plumbing lines out with the ShopVac by reversing the suction mode and attaching it to the spa’s drain valve.

C. Clean the Spa

Use a recommended cleaner to thoroughly wipe down the spa. You should also make any cosmetic repairs to the spa at this point.

2. Make a Plan

The first thing you’ll want to do is make a plan. Choose which path will be the most effective for moving your spa from point A. to point B. Remember, your spa is very heavy and you should never try to move it on your own. After you and your team of help have cleared the route and measured all the openings and gateways, you can now start moving the spa.

We recommend using a dolly, cardboard, and a thick moving blanket.

3. Move the Spa

Now you with the help of your friends, flip the spa on its side onto the blanket and cardboard. After this, carefully move the spa one step at a time with the help of a dolly. Be careful and take your time!

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Call a Pro!

Trust us when we say, moving your spa is no easy task. If you have any doubts or concerns about transporting your spa, please call your local dealer. They are equipped with tools and staff to make moving your spa hassle-free for you.

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