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The 4 Benefits of A Hot Tub Salt Water System

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In this post, we will go over the pros and cons of using a hot tub salt water system. If you own a Salt Water System or have been thinking about getting one installed into your spa, this post is for you!

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1. A More Natural Feel

One of the major benefits of using a salt water system is that it gives the water a more natural feel. The water feels softer and more gentle than typical spa water.

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2. No Chlorine Side Effects

Another great benefit of using a hot tub salt water system is the lessening of chemical use. For some people, Chlorine can be very damaging for their skin health.

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3. More Sustainable

HotSpring Spas with salt water systems are more Eco-Friendly because you only have to change the water once a year. Less water usage + fewer chemicals = more sustainability.

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4. Less Stress

Soaking in your spa is a known way to relieve stress on the body and mind. The soft, odor-free water produced by the salt water system is ideal for a stress-free escape.

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