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Tips for Using your Hot Tub in the Winter

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A hot tub is a great investment. They are a great place to relax, entertain guests, or just to spend some good quality alone time. They also positively impact your health! The warm water reduces joint inflammation, releases muscle tension, improves blood flow, helps you sleep, and those are only a few of the benefits it provides.
Most people relate hot tubs with hot summer months but you can use it in the winter season as well to enjoy its benefits. If you want to know the positive effects of using a hot tub in the winter and how to properly use it during those cold months keep reading.

Benefits of Using a Hot Tub in Winter

Keep you Warm During the Cold Months

A hot tub is a perfect place to enjoy the winter weather without wearing multiple layers of clothing. You can enjoy looking at the weather while having a calm and relaxed time. It can also reduce muscle soreness which is typical when the temperatures drop.

Manage Pain

Winter is a season when you can suffer multiple injuries due to slipping and falling on the ice. If you suffer from arthritis you may notice that the pain gets worse during cold months. The good news is that soaking in a hot tub can help you treat injured muscles, reduce inflammation, and help the muscles heal faster.

Cold Symptoms Relief

Winter also brings the cold and flu season but fortunately, soaking in a hot tub can increase white blood cell production and support your immune system. Even if you catch a cold, using a hot tub can clear your sinuses, improve breathing, and relieve the cold symptoms.

Reduce Stress

The Winter season is also the holiday season and this can give you a lot of stress, from shopping for gifts, holiday planning, to attending big events you can easily feel stressed and require a break. You can easily take some time for yourself and leave the worries behind to allow you to feel calm.

Tips on Safety and Propper Usage of a Hot Tub in Winter

Change the Water in Autumn

You should change the water of the hot tub every 3 to 4 months so make sure to change it late in autumn to avoid having to change it when the water is too cold and have the risk of freezing the pipes. Not to mention that draining and refilling your hot tub when the temperatures are low can only make the job more difficult.

Get a Proper Hot Tub Cover

Your hot tub cover is crucial to properly insulate the hot water. If the cover isn’t locked or doesn’t fit properly it allows heat to escape and it will increase your water bill and you will have to top up the water level more often. Make sure your cover doesn’t have any damage and lock it to preserve the heat.

Don’t use a Shovel to Remove Snow off the Cover

Remove the snow off the cover using a brush or a broom. Avoid using a shovel because it can affect its lifespan and damage the material.

Keep a Close Eye On Water Levels

The water levels dramatically reduce during winter and if it is too cold some parts of the hot tub can get exposed to cold air and freeze. If you aren’t using the hot tub frequently check the water levels at least once a week.

Get out of the Water Properly

There are drastic differences in temperature between the hot water in the hot tub and the outside weather. The human body doesn’t adapt well to drastic changes in temperature. If at some point you feel some kind of discomfort or tired get out of the water and keep a pair of sandals handy so your feet never touch the cold floor.

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