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5 Quick Useful Spa Sanitization Tips

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How To Keep a Clean and Happy Hot Tub

In this post, we are going to share a few tips on how to make sure your hot tub stays clean, safe, and working at peak performance through spa sanitization!
In order to fully enjoy your hot tub, it is important to perform routine maintenance and clean it regularly to increase its lifespan and keep it in good condition. The following list contains the best cleaning tips and practices for hot tubs.

Spa Sanitization Tip 1: Use Line Flushes

Prior to emptying the hot tub and cleaning the surface, you need to make sure the plumbing is clean and doesn’t have any dirt build-up. Over time, the hot plumbing tends to accumulate dirt, grime, bacterial, and mineral deposits that you can’t simply remove just using chlorine. First, add a hot tub line flush product and turn the jets on high. It will break down the buildups of dirt and grime and flush them out. Then drain the hot tub to completely remove the product.

Spa Sanitization Tip 2: Cleaning the Filters

When you are draining the hot tub it is important to remove the filters housing and cartridges so take some time to clean them properly. The filters can easily build up dirt and grime from the water and that can affect the proper functioning of the hot tub. Spray the cartridges with a garden hose and use a high-quality filter cleaner to remove the dirt and grime thoroughly. With standard paper filters, avoid using detergent or placing them in the dishwashers.
The Tri-X filter can be cleaned in the dishwasher using no soap and no dry cycle.

Spa Sanitization Tip 3: Clean the Interior Surface

Avoid using harsh detergents to clean the surface of the hot tub because it could affect the brilliant surface. Use a soft damp cloth with a hot tub cleaner to remove grime and stains in both the interior and outside of the hot tub. You can also use household cleaners like baking soda, diluted bleach solution, or diluted vinegar solution, but first, ask the manufacturer if it is ok for the material of your hot tub. Eliminate all the cleaner residue to prevent the water to foam. Never use a scrubbing brush because it could damage the surface.

Spa Sanitization Tip 4: Clean the Hot Tub Cover

Your hot tub cover has an important function for your hot tub. It protects the water from evaporation that could cause the water levels to drop and suck the chemicals and heat out of your hot tub. It also prevents dirt, debris, and insects from coming into the water. Since it is so important for your hot tub you should never neglect it when cleaning the hot tub. Brush off the debris every day and twice a month perform a deep cleaning just like you do on the surface interior of the hot tub. Use a soft damp cloth with a gentle cleanser and then apply a vinyl protectant or conditioner to provide UV protection.

Spa Sanitization Tip 5: Refill the Tub

Turn the thermostat to cold and leave it there until the hot tub is filled and the jets work properly, then balance the PH of the water quickly and add start-up chemicals, finally cover the hot tub and wait around 12 hours for the water to balance. Once the time has passed make sure the chlorine levels are right and the Ph range is between 7.2 and 7.8. Otherwise, add chemicals to balance it.

Keeping the Hot Tub Clean

Once your hot tub looks sparkly clean and it is functioning properly you should still do a few things to keep it clean for longer. This includes the next tips:
-Take a quick rinse before using the hot tub to remove sweat and lotions.
-Remove makeup as well because it could cloud the water.
-Cover the hot tub any time you don’t use it.
-Wear sandals before entering the hot tub to avoid bringing any dirt and grime into the water.

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