Bioguard Off the Wall Surface Cleaner

Item #: 23612BIO

Off The Wall® Surface Cleaner

Removes scale and hard water deposits along the waterline
Compatible with spa water chemistry
Suitable for all spa surfaces
Can be used to clean entire surface of spa when unit is drained

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BioGuard Off The Wall removes most stubborn scale, metal stains, grease and common dirt. This product cleans to vertical surfaces for easy cleaning and may be used on plastic, vinyl, fiberglass, ceramic and painted surfaces. Unlike many  household cleaners, this product is compatible with swimming pool and spa water. On porous surfaces, such as masonry bricks, rinse immediately after application and do not allow undiluted material to remain on surface. Do not use on copper, brass, marble, stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized surfaces.


  1. Apply BioGuard Off The Wall directly to vertical surfaces above the waterline for easier cleaning. BioGuard Off The Wall may also be applied with a sponge, brush, or damp cloth and then scrub at water level.
  2. Allow BioGuard Off The Wall to work on deposits for a few minutes, then scrub with a wet cloth, sponge or soft vinyl brush.
  3. Rinse well after cleaning. BioGuard Off The Wall may be used to clean entire surface of spa when unit is drained. Rinse surfaces thoroughly before refilling spa.

Reference numbers: RO118 23612BIO L23612BIOB

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