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Cost to Run a Hot Tub Per Month (with 3 Useful Tips)

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The Costs of Running a Hot Tub

One of the pressing concerns for new hot tub owners is the cost to run a hot tub per month. After all, you’ll definitely notice a change in your electricity bill and you will also have to take into account other costs such as chemicals, accessories, or maintenance work. This post will break down your cost to run a hot tub per month.

Luckily, in recent years, hot tub manufacturers have significantly improved their products’ energy efficiently and if you take good care of your hot tub, you will contribute to reducing your spa’s electrical consumption too. Now let’s talk facts and figures:

Hot tub electricity cost

The amount of energy your hot tub uses depends on the following factors:

  • Your location’s climate;
  • The cost of energy per kilowatt (kW) in your location;
  • How well the hot tub is insulated;
  • The size of the hot tub;
  • Whether the hot tub has a cover;
  • The duration of the filtration cycle.

Newer hot tubs have better insulation than older models. Multiple layers of insulation do not only reduce your energy costs but also trap waste heat from the heater and motors, increasing the hot tub’s energy efficiency.

According to reports, more than half of the heat is lost in hot tubs that do not have hardcovers. The same goes for hot tub covers that are warped, broken, torn, or simply do not fit properly around the edges. They will leak precious heat from the sides, increasing your energy bill.

What some hot tub owners don’t consider is the water filtration cost. To keep the water clean and clear, your hot tub is required to run between 8 and 24 hours per day. These cycles allow the water to move through the filters, removing dirt and ensuring that the sanitization chemicals are distributed throughout the water. Fortunately, hot tubs today can filter the water in just 8 to 12 hours.

Generally, most hot tub owners report an increase in their electrical bill of just $15 to $20 per month.

Chemical Costs

The cost of chemicals depends largely on how often you use the hot tub. Here’s why:

  • When you introduce bodily fluids or other organic materials into the water, such as sweat, lotions, or oils, your sanitizer’s job is to break them down. Once it does its job, the sanitizer needs to be replaced so that the water remains clean and clear.
  • You’ll alter the water’s balance. Consequently, if you use your hot tub frequently, you need to make sure the water is balanced.

Let’s say you only use the mandatory chemicals and run your hot tub for about 3 to 4 times per week. This means you can expect to pay about $20 to $30 per month on chemicals. The number can increase if you add other substances such as water softeners, water clarifiers, or aromatherapy oils.

Maintenance and Repairs

Of all the costs of running a hot tub, maintenance and repairs are the hardest to estimate. Quite a few owners have issues with their hot tubs almost every year while others have it for more than a decade and they’ve only experienced some minor issues. Two factors impact these costs: the quality of your hot tub and how well you take care of it.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your maintenance and repairs to a minimum:

  • Keep your water balanced. The better you balance your water the longer hot tub components such as plumbing will last.
  • Fix leaks when you see them. The slightest leak can turn into a large problem, so fix these issues right away.
  • Replace your filters early. Over time, your hot tub filters will fill up with grime. You may notice that regular cleanings do not remove everything. Eventually, the debris stuck in the filters will prevent water from drawing through them. Consider replacing your filters every 12 to 18 months to increase your hot tub’s lifespan.

How to Reduce the Cost to Run A Hot Tub Per Month in 3 Ways

We love helping our customers save money! Here are a few tips on how to save on the cost to run a hot tub per month:

  • Lower the water temperature by one or a few degrees. Studies show that lowering the water temperature by as little as 1 degree Fahrenheit can reduce your monthly energy bill significantly.
  • Run your hot tub during off-peak hours. You will save a significant amount of money if you set your filtration cycles to run when the energy rates are lower.
  • Replace the cover when it gets waterlogged. A faulty cover can add hundreds of dollars to your yearly energy bill. You can find some great to tub covers and other accessories at, where you can take advantage of fast and free delivery and free technical support to help you make the right purchasing decisions.

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