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Do hot tubs kill coronavirus?

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Do hot tubs kill coronavirus?

Here at Backyard Plus, we care about keeping you safe. There are tons of questions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic – how to treat it, how to prevent it, and more. But one question that is on everyone’s mind now is; do hot tubs kill coronavirus? According to the CDC, there’s no danger of the coronavirus as long as the hot tub is properly sanitized. It’s scientifically proven that any sanitizer, such as bromine or chlorine can inactivate the virus.

Here is everything you need to know

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed that the virus cannot spread to humans if there is proper maintenance of hot tubs. You should make sure the equipment is working the way it should and used the way it’s intended. But what is of utmost importance is having the right sanitizer in the water.

The effect chlorine has on the Coronavirus

According to the world health organization, coronavirus can be inactivated when the right level of chlorine is used in water. So far, there’s no evidence that COVID-19 spreads to people in chlorinated water. Also, the CDC has said that bromine and chlorine can kill the virus. Before you use a hot tub, you should test the level and make adjustments as needed.

This brings us to the question; what does it mean that the hot tub is properly chlorinated? You should ensure the chlorine level is between 3 and 5 ppm. Although keeping the water clean and pathogen-free will ensure you get the most enjoyment, you should do more than that.

Depending on the status of your hot tub, you may have to shock the water. This involves adding large amounts of chlorine for a short time. Besides that, you should measure the PH levels. Even if you have the right amount of chlorine in your hot tub, but the PH level is high, the water will not be safe to soak in. From a scientific standpoint, chlorine loses its effectiveness in acidic water. This means that you need a balance of the two.

Regardless of the method you use to add chlorine in water, you should ensure there’s no strong smell. If you want to keep Coronavirus at bay, make sure you test the water consistently.

How to use a hot tub safely during COVID-19

Given that the virus is new, there’s no conclusive evidence that your hot tub is 100% safe. Nevertheless, most authorities believe that when the water is adequately disinfected, the disease won’t spread.

While a well-run and appropriately treated tub will provide adequate protection from the virus, you should conduct routine tests. Your goal should be testing for antimicrobial quality in line with the WHO guidelines. The biggest risk would be face-to-face interaction if you’re sharing a hot tub

Don’t soak if you’re sick

While chlorine can kill or inactivate coronavirus, it doesn’t cure. So, you shouldn’t see this as a magical remedy. And because this is a respiratory disease, sitting on a humid environment on your bathtub can make it difficult to breathe if you already have COVID-19.

Think about it- someone who has the coronavirus could cough into the hand and touch the sides of the bathtub. If you touch those parts when you get into the water and touch your nose or mouth, then you’re at a higher risk of getting the virus.

That’s not all. The coronavirus can survive up to 4 hours on copper and up to three days on stainless steel. Also, it can survive on plastics for a couple of hours. If you know someone who has COVID-19, make sure they don’t use your hot tub until they recover.

Disinfect hot tub surfaces

Just like other types of viruses, coronavirus thrives in humid and damp environments. With this in mind, you should disinfect the handles and hot tub armrests.

A word of caution – if you approach a hot tub and you get a whiff of chlorine smell, walk away. That’s a tale-tell smell of used chlorine. And that means there’s no enough chlorine left in the tub to properly sanitize the water. A properly sanitized hot tub should be odorless no matter what chemical you add in water.

You can still use chlorine products with ionizer and ultraviolet hot tub sanitizers. If possible, you should use chlorine shock to remove the coronavirus from the hot tub.


Stay safe!

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