Bioguard Spa Shock, Buffered Non Chlorine, 35oz

Item #: 42624BIO

Spa Shock

Non-chlorine oxidizer that does not raise chlorine residual
Easy-to-use, quick-dissolving shock treatment
Treat and soak in as soon as 15 minutes*
Can be used with chlorinated or brominated spas

*15 minutes is only recommended as long as the free chlorine or bromine does not exceed label recommendation.


SPAGUARD SPA SHOCK-OXIDIZER eliminates soluble organic undesirable compounds and irritants in spa water and is buffered to prevent pH bounce. Regular use helps maintain clear spa water. This product is not a sanitizer or algicide. To sanitize your spa or for removal of algae, use the appropriate product specifically formulated for these purposes. It is compatible with spas using chlorinating or brominating products as a sanitizer. It doe snot replace the need for regular application of chlorinating or brominating products.

MEASUREMENT AND DOSING: 2 tablespoons = 1 ounce.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Always apply product directly into spa water.

INITIAL TREATMENT: Use this product at the rate of two ounces per 300 gallons of spa water.

REGULAR TREATMENT: Use at the rate of one ounce per 300 gallons every week. When the spa is subjected to heavy use, the treatment (1 oz per 300 gallons) should be made twice weekly.


  1. Test spa water a minimum of once a week.
  2. Keep water pH between 7.2 and 7.6
  3. Keep total alkalinity at 100-150 ppm and calcium hardness at 100-200 ppm unless using SpaGuard Spa Sentry for balancing. If using SpaGuard Spa Sentry, follow balancing directions on SpaGuard Spa Sentry label.
  4. Suggested refill frequencies: Refill residential spas and hot tubs every 60 days, heavy use commercial spas every 4 days and normal use commercial spas every 8 days.
  5. At refill time, clean spa surface with SpaGuard Surface Cleaner.
  6. Backwash and clean filter with SpaGuard Filter Cleaner a minimum of every 60 days.

Reference Numbers: C0508 42624BIO L42624BIO

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