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How To Use Your Freshwater Clean Screen Pre-Filter

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In this post, we will show you just how easy it is to use your Freshwater Clean Screen Pre-filter. Filling your spa with clean and contaminate-free water is the best way to extend the life of your hot tub. Removing contaminants such as copper and iron prior to introducing water into the spa helps to decrease the need for additional chemicals that would otherwise be needed to treat the water. Additionally, reduced chemical use means less money spent and fewer chemicals mean longer-lasting spa water.

Directions for Filling Up and Topping Off Your Spa

Step 1: Assemble the Freshwater Clean Screen pre-filter

Assemble the Freshwater Clean Screen pre-filter. Unscrew the red cap identified by the purple flow arrow at the end of the pre-filter in order to attach the flow control valve.

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Step 2: Attach the Flow Control Valve

After unscrewing the red cap, attach the flow control valve. Once the flow control valve is attached, it is ready for your garden hose.

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Step 3: Attach a Garden Hose

Attach a garden hose to the flow control valve. Remove the red cap at the opposite end of the pre-filter.

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Flush water through the Freshwater Clean Screen pre-filter. Adjust the valve to customize the flow. The more contaminants in the water, the slower the flow should be. Continue flushing water through the pre-filter until water runs clear. If water is clear to begin with, flush through pre-filter for at least one minute.

Once water is completely clear, begin filling your spa through the filter compartment.
NOTE: Never submerge the Freshwater Clean Screen pre-filter in the spa.

Once the spa is full, turn off the hose, turn the flow control valve to the closed position, and disconnect the Freshwater Clean Screen pre-filter. Always keep the flow control valve closed and red cap on when the pre-filter is not in use.

The Freshwater Clean Screen pre-filter can be reused for up to 5,000 gallons of water, or approximately ten uses. To help keep track of your usage, use the numbered grid on the label to mark off how many times you have used the pre-filter.

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