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Moto Massage Not Going Up and Down? How to Troubleshoot a Bad Moto Massage Jet in a Hot Spring Spa

Moto how to-

Welcome to Backyardplus! In this post, we show you how to troubleshoot the moto massage jet in your Hot Spring, and Hot Spot spa. If the moto massage jet in your spa has stopped traveling up and down, it is because of restricted air flow. Before we get started, let’s go over the tools and parts you will need.

Tools you may need:

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Air compressor
  • Dremel tool with cut-off wheel
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Purple primer
  • PVC glue

Parts you may need:

  • 73307 Moto Massage Jet or 73542 Dual Moto Massage Jet
  • 70307 Silicone Air Tube or 73539 Dual Air Tube
  • 38390 Air Check Valve
  • 300843 406-101 Red Elbow 3/4inX1/2in
  • 30649 Street Elbow, 90 1/2in Spig X Slip
  • 31228 Spring Clamp, 1/2in
  • 72701 Hartford Loop Assembly
  • 35233 Hartford Loop Check Valve

ATTENTION: If you just installed a new moto massage jet and it is not traveling up and down, refer to the installation instructions. The two small holes on the head of the jet must be oriented vertically and the line must be oriented horizontally.


Step 1. Clogged filters will kill the moto massage jets. Remove the filters to test the moto massage. If the moto massage travels up and down, you simply have dirty filters.

Step 1. Remove the filters-

Step 2. If that doesn’t work, remove the screw covers and screws on the moto massage face plate and remove the face plate.

Step 1. Remove the covers and screws-

Step 3. Check the silicone air tube. If it is cracked, the moto massage won’t travel up and down.

Step 2. Check the air tube-

Step 4. If the blue air tube is not cracked (but it is flattened out), pull it off the wall fitting and blow air into the 73564 fitting to remove any blockages.

Step 3. flat air tube-
Step 3.1 Blow into the niche-

Step 5. If that doesn’t work, remove the air control lever bezel and valve on the topside (Air will start flowing in). If the moto massage starts going up and down, it means there is some sort of blockage from the valve back to the equipment compartment either in the ½” moto massage air hose or the Hartford Loop check valve or Hartford Loop assembly itself. A bad Hartford Loop check valve will kill the moto massage jets.

Step 4. Remove the moto valve-

The Hartford Loop Assembly is typically located up high in the equipment compartment.

Step 4.1 Hartford loop check valve-

If the Hartford Loop check valve is broken, it will kill the moto massage jets.

Step 4.2 Hartford loop check valve-

Step 6. If removing the air valve doesn’t work, it means you probably have a clogged 38390 air check valve in the back of the moto massage housing. You must remove the panels and dig out the foam to get to the 38390 ½” air check valve. This air check valve is used to prevent water from backing into the airlines when the jets are off. It is glued into a 90 degree elbow.

Remove panel-
expose the elbow and air check valve-

Step 7. Remove some of the wood frame with a reciprocating saw to access the elbow. Cut the 90-degree elbow with the Dremel tool about 1” from the moto massage housing.

Step 7. Cut the frame-
Step 7.1 Cut and remove the first elbow-

Step 8. Cut the ½” air hose as close as you can to the ½” elbow. Remove the two 90 degree elbows and air check valve.

Step 8. Cut the air line-
Step 8.1 Remove the old stuff-

Step 9. Using the Dremel tool, shave off all the remaining PVC from the ¾” male moto massage niche. Be extremely careful not to damage or cut into the niche as this could result in a more costly and extensive repair.

Step 9. Trim the remaining PVC off the male moto-

Step 10. Carefully cut the ½” air hose and remove the old, barbed fitting. Place the ½” spring clamp on the hose.

Step 10. Remove the old barb from the tube-
Step 10.1 Install the spring clamp-

Step 11. Check the fitment of the parts before gluing. Prime and glue the air check valve to the ½” elbow.

Step 11. Check fitment-
Step 11.1 Glue the air vlave to elbow-

Step 12. Prime and glue the ½” Street elbow to the ¾” reducing Red elbow.

Step 12. Glue elbow to elbow-

Step 13. Connect the ½” air hose to the barbed nipple on the air check valve with a ½” spring clamp.

Step 13. Air hose to air check valve-

Step 14. Prime and glue the ¾” elbow to the moto massage niche.

Step 14. Glue to niche-

Good job!

Good job 1-

Watch the video here! “Moto Massage Not Going Up and Down? How to Troubleshoot a Bad Moto Massage Jet”

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