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How to Install the 31255 Heater Element into the Heater Body in a Pre-1995 Hot Spring Spa

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Welcome to Backyardplus! In this post, we show you how to install the 31255 heater element into the heater body. Before we get started, let’s go over the tools and parts you will need.

Tools you will need:

  • Phillips head screwdriver Size P2
  • 3/8” driver

Parts you will need:

  • 31255 Heater Element Hot Spring, 115v 1.5kW, Pre-1995
  • 10475-BYP Heater Body
  • 70108 Heater Body Retainer Gasket
  • 31212 Heater Body O-Ring
  • 30348 Screw, #10-24 X 3/4in Stainless Steel
  • 30392 Nut, Hex #10-24in Stainless Steel
  • 4078 Diffuser Lock Washer, #10 Ext.Tooth, steel 410
  • 30120 Grounding Lug
  • 70868-BYP Insulation, Heater body 115V

Step 1. Stand the heater element up on its end and point the cord out to the left.

Step 1. Stand the element up-

Step 2. Bore out the four holes on the retainer gasket with your Phillips head screwdriver. Bore out both sides of the holes.

Step 2. Bore out the holes-

Step 3. Put the O-ring inside the gasket and place them both on the element, making sure the gasket holes are in alignment with the element holes.

Step 3. Put the gasket and O ring on-

Step 4. Place a 4078 lock washer on each of the 30348 screws.

Step 4. Put lockwashers on the screws-

Step 5. Place the 10475-BYP heater body over the element with the two larger ports facing away from you and the small port facing toward you.

Step 5. Place the body on the element-

Step 6. Align the heater body holes with the element holes and push the screws into the holes. If the screws won’t go into the holes, try boring out the holes a little more with the screwdriver.

Step 6. Install the screws-

Step 7. Turn the heater on its side with the cord facing up and install a 30392 nut on each of the screws.

Step 7. Install the nuts-

Step 8. Install the 30120 grounding lug in the top right screw with the lug facing the corner and tighten all the bolts.

Step 8. Install the lug-

Step 9. Install the 70868-BYP insulation on the heater.

Step 9. Install the insullation-

Good job!

Good job-

Watch the video here! “How to Install the 31255 Heater Element into the Heater Body in a Pre-1995 Hot Spring Spa”

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