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How To Replace Your Hot Tub Ozonator with the Del Ozone UO3 Ozonator

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Welcome to Backyardplus! In this post, we show you how to replace your hot tub ozonator with the Del Ozone UO3 ozonator on a Hot Spring, Tiger River, and Limelight spa. The DEL Ozone Spa UO3 model Ozonator uses CD (Corona Discharge) technology to create a high ozone output.  The rated life span for normal use is up to 5 years, and this ozonator is rated for spas up to 1,000 gallons. The Del U03 reduces the use of chemical levels up to 90%, which means substantially reducing the amount of money you are spending to keep your water sanitized!

What is Ozone?

Unlike the Oxygen we breathe (O2), Ozone is a powerful oxidant made of three oxygen atoms (O3). The third oxygen atom in Ozone has a weak bond, which breaks off and destroys foreign bodies in the water. Ozone can safely kill pathogens, microorganisms, and both organic and inorganic contaminants through oxidation. Essentially, this is a natural way to keep your spa water clean that is much more powerful than chemical systems alone.

Let’s Get Started!

Tools You Will Need to Replace Your Hot Tub Ozonator:

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Vice grips
  • Needle nose pliers

Parts You Will Need to Replace Your Hot Tub Ozonator:

  • Del Ozone UO3 Ozonator,  Item #: 73831-AM-BYP

Step 1. Disconnect power from the spa.

Step 1. Disconnect power-

Step 2. Remove the equipment compartment door and locate the old ozonator.

Step 2. Remove equipment door-
Step 2.5 Locate ozonator-

Step 3. Remove the IQ 2020 control box lid.

Step 3 Remove IQ 2020 lid-

Step 4. Disconnect the black, white, and green ozone wires from the ozone terminals.

Step 4. Disconnect ozone wires-

Step 5. Use your vice grips to squeeze and loosen the ozone strain relief clamp. Pull the ozone cord through the bottom of the control box.

Step 5. Squeeze the strain relief clamp-

Step 6. Remove the ozone output tube from the old ozonator.

Step 6. Remove the ozone tube-

Step 7. Loosen the mounting screws on the old ozonator. Discard it and mount the new ozonator in its place.

Step 7. remove ozonator-
Step 7.5 Replace ozonator-

Step 8. Connect the ozone output tube to the barbed nipple on the Del ozonator.

Step 8. Connect ozone tube-

Step 9. Place the strain relief clamp around the power cord and then squeeze it together very tightly with your Vice Grips.

Step 9. Squeeze the strain clamp-

Step 10. Push the cord and strain relief clamp up through the bottom of the IQ 2020 until the strain relief clamp locks into place.

Step 10. Push the cord into the box-

Step 11. Connect the black wire to ozone black and the white wire to ozone white on the motherboard.

Step 11. Connect the black and white wires-

Step 12. Reconnect power to the spa.

Step 12. Reconnect power-

Verify the solid green power light on the Del Ozonator.

Step 12.5 Green power light on Del ozone-

Step 13. Verify the ozone bubbles in your spa. Good job!

Step 13. Verify ozone bubbles-

Watch the video here!

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