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Easy HotSpring Spa Pillow Replacement (2 Steps)

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In this post, we will show you how to do a spa pillow replacement on your Hotspring Spa. Over time, the pillows in your spa can become waterlogged or damaged from aging in the sun. Replacing the spa pillows is relatively simple, but we will show you a few things that can help save you a lot of frustration.

You can watch the How-To video below:

1. The first step is to remove the old spa pillow.

spa pillow replacement

The Spa Pillow is held on by two clips and should come off relatively easy. Simply pull up on one end of the pillow and then the other.

2. Install the New Spa Pillow

spa pillow replacement

Next, grab the new pillow and starting with the end furthest from you, bend the pillow with the clip-hole in the seam of the bend. This opens up the clip-hole. Work the pillow onto the retainer pin that is attached to the spa.


Lay the pillow flat on the spa with the one end attached and bend the other end where the clip is located and work it onto the other retainer pin. Finally, make sure the pillow is secure.

In Case of Old or Damaged Retainers:

Sometimes the screws holding the original retainers to the shell of the spa will get rusted or the retainers may have cracked or fallen off. If this happens, you will need to replace them. All you need is a Philips head screwdriver and a replacement pillow retainer kit. You’ll need one kit for each pillow that needs new retainers.

Simply, remove the old screws and retainers, then put the new screws through the new retainers and install them. Make sure you don’t over-tighten the screws.

Thank you for reading our guide on spa pillow replacement!

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