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Step-by-Step Suction Line Leak Repair In a Tiger River Spa

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In this post, we show you how to perform a suction line leak repair caused by a cracked suction line in the equipment compartment. Every leak repair will be different, therefore, the parts needed for each repair will vary. Before we get started, let’s identify the tools and the parts you will need for this repair.

Tool You Will Need

  • Circular Saw
  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • PVC Cutters
  • PVC Glue
  • PVC Purple Primer
  • Tape Measure
  • Silicone Grease
  • Safety Glasses

Parts You Will Need for a Tiger River Spa Suction Line Leak Repair

  • Adapter, 3/4in Barbed X 3/4in Slip, Item #: 31417
  • Coupling, 3/4in Slip X Slip, x 2, Item #: 30661
  • Flexible PVC, 3/4in Inside Dimension X 3ft, Item #: 70312

Step 1. Disconnect power from the spa.

suction line leak repair

Step 2. Drain the spa.

Drain the spa-

Step 3. Identify the location of the leak and the area of the spa which needs to be opened.

Step 3. Identify the location and area to open up-

Step 4. Put on your safety glasses and cut out an opening in the plywood backing.

Step 4.5 Put on your safety glasses-
Step 4. Remove the slats and cut an opening-

Step 5. Remove the plywood backing with a chisel and hammer.

Step 5. Remove the plywood backing 1-

Step 6. Locate and remove the broken flexible PVC.

Step 6. Locate and remove the broken PVC-
Step 6.5 Locate and remove-
Step 6.75 LOcate and remove-

Step 7. Pre-assemble the new parts and take correct measurements before gluing.

Step 7. Pre assemble the new parts-

Step 8. Prepare the area to be glued by washing it with soap and water and cutting the PVC as clean and straight as possible. You want the flexible PVC to fit snugly against the inside of the coupling.

Step 8. Trim and wash the PVC to be glued-
Step 8.5 Wash the area with soap and water-

Step 9. Prime and glue the first coupling to the existing flex PVC.

Step 9. Prime and glue coupling to flex-
Step 9.5 Glue coupling to flex-

Step 10. Prime, and glue the adapter to the second coupling.

Step 10. Prime and glue adapter to coupling-
Step 10.5 Prime and glue adapter to coupling-

Step 11. Pre-measure, cut, prime, and glue the flexible PVC to the first coupling.

Step 11. Measure the flex-
Step 11.5 Cut the flex-
Step 11.75 Glue flex to coupling-

Step 12. Prime and glue the second coupling/adapter to the flexible PVC.

Step 12. Prime coupling adapter-
Step 12.5 Glue the adapter coupling to the flex-

Step 13. Cover the inside lip of the hose or the outside of the barbed adapter with silicone grease and connect the flexible hose.

Step 13. Cover the adapter with silicone grease-

Pull the hose clamps over the barbed adapter and the water check valve.

Step 13.5 Install the hose clamps-

Step 14. Refill the spa through the gray filter standpipe.

Refill the spa 1-

Leak fixed!

Step 14. Jobe well done 1-

Step 15. Reconnect power to the spa.

Reconnect the power 230v-

Watch the video here “Step-by-Step Suction Line Leak Repair In a Tiger River Spa”

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