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Tiger River Bartop Crack Repair Made Simple

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In this post, we show you how to perform a Tiger River bartop crack repair. Cracks can occur on any part of the bar top. When this happens, the shell must be reinforced on the backside as well as the front side. Before we get started, let’s identify the tools and parts you will need for this repair.

Tools You Will Need for a Tiger River Bartop Crack Repair:

  • Hammer
  • Two ½”- ¾’ thick shims
  • Safety glasses
  • Respirator
  • Dremel tool with grinding stone and cutting wheel.
  • Latex or nitrile gloves
  • 40 grit sandpaper
  • 180 and 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper
  • Spray bottle (for wet sanding)
  • Acetone, mineral spirits, or lacquer thinner.
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Clean wiping cloths or paper towels

Parts You Will Need for a Tiger River Bartop Crack Repair:

  • Bartop Crack Repair, Hot Spring Item #: 73493
  • Watkins Granite Repair Kit/Granite Surface Repair, Carribean Blue Item #: 73529

Step 1. Disconnect power from the spa.

tiger river bartop crack repair

Step 2. Drain the spa.

Drain the spa-

Step 3. Use a hammer to tap in a shim on each side of the crack. The wedge is to create an opening on each side of the crack between the bartop and the front paneling.

Step 1. Tap in the shims-

Step 4. Put on your safety glasses.

Step 2. Put on safety glasses-

Step 5. Install a grinding stone on your Dremel tool and route out the crack at a 45-degree angle. Terminate the crack by removing all the material and opening up the the ends. This will prevent further cracking after the repair.

Step 3. Terminate the crack with router-

Step 6. Put on your latex or nitrile gloves.

Step 4. Put rubber gloves on-

Step 7. Sand the underside of the bartop crack with 40 grit sandpaper.

Step 5. Sand the backside of shell with 40 grit-

Step 8. Wipe down the sanded area with acetone, mineral spirits, or lacquer thinner.

Step 6. Clean the sanded shell with mineral spirits or acetone-

Step 9. Put on your respirator and safety glasses. The Zip Patch vapors are extremely strong and flammable so do this repair in a well-ventilated area!

Step 11. Put on respirator and goggles 1-

Step 10. Open the Devcon Zip Patch, Bartop Crack Repair kit. Cut out a section with scissors.

Step 7. Open the Devcon Zip patch and cut out a section-

Step 11. Spray the Zip Patch with the activator and wait until it darkens.

Step 8. Spray the patch with the activator-

Step 12. After the Zip Patch darkens, install it underneath the bar top crack.

Step 9. Install the patch under the bartop-

Step 13. Spray it again with the activator. The cure time is approximately 60 minutes.

Step 10. Spray it again with the activator-

Step 14. Trim off the excess Zip Patch with a Dremel tool cutting wheel.

Step 12. Trim off the excess patch-

Step 15. Remove the shims.

Step 13. Remove the shims-

Step 16. Sand the bar top crack with 40-grit sandpaper.

Step 14. Sand the crack with 40 Grit-

Step 17. Clean the crack with rubbing alcohol.

Step 15. Clean the crack with rubbing alcohol-

Step 18. Open the Multitech Acrylic repair kit Item #: 73529. Follow the instructions carefully.

Step 16. Open up Multitech acrylic repair kit-

Step 19. Add 30 drops of component “B” per each ½ ounce of “A”. Mix thoroughly with the wooden stirrer. Use immediately, since it will harden in 15 minutes.

Step 17. Add component B to Acrylic-

Step 20. Fill the crack with the acrylic resin to slightly below the spa surface. Allow to cure for 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 18. Add the first layer of acrylic-

Step 21. Fill the crack with the acrylic resin a 2nd time. The filling should still be below the spa surface. Allow to cure for 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 19. add a second layer of acrylic-

Step 22. Immediately, fill again (3rd time) so that the fill is slightly above the spa surface.

Step 20. Add third layer of acrylic-

Step 23. Allow a few minutes for curing, and then begin wet sanding with a progression from 40 to 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper.

Step 21. Wet sand with 400 grit-

Step 24. Pour an ample amount of K2000 topcoat into a mixing cup. Add the hardener in the ratio of 1 part hardener to 3 parts topcoat.

Step 22. Mix the K2000 with hardner-

Step 25. Apply this mixture to the repaired area by dabbing it with a small paintbrush. Allow up to 7 days before filling spa with water, and keep the surface dry to prevent damage to the repaired surface until it is ready to be filled.

Step 23. Apply a thin coat of K2000-

Bartop Repaired!

Step 24. Bartop crack repaired-

Watch the video here “Tiger River Bartop Crack Repair”

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