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How to Properly Refill Your Hot Spot and Solana Spa to Prevent an Airlock

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Welcome to Backyardplus! In this post, we show you how to properly refill your Hot Spot and Solana spa to prevent an airlock. An airlock happens when air bubbles get trapped in the jet pump lines. Before we get started, let’s go over the tools and parts you will need.

Tools you will need:

  • Rag or small towel

Part you will need:

  • 76028 Freshwater Pre-filter

Step 1. Remove the filter standpipe cap, filter, and filter standpipe.  NOTE: If you have a newer Hot Spot with the Frog Water Care System, remove the FROG cap while filling to allow the air to escape the plumbing lines. Replace the FROG cap once the spa is filled.

Step 1.1-

Remove the filter.

Step 1.2-

Remove the filter standpipe by turning it counterclockwise.

Step 1.3-

Step 2. Place the water hose in the standpipe fitting as far as it will go and turn the water on full blast.

step 2-

Step 3. Hold a rag securely around the hose in the standpipe fitting to force any air out of the lines.

Step 3-
Step 3.1-

Step 4. After a couple of minutes, install the Pre-screen filter on the garden hose and continue filling the spa through the filter compartment.

Step 4-

Step 5. After the water level reaches six inches from the bartop, turn the water off and connect power to the spa.

Step 5. Tub is filled-
Step 5. connect the power-

Step 6. To check the operation of the jet system and remove any remaining air from the heating system, push the JETS button twice to make the jet pump run on high speed for one minute. Once the jet system is fully operational (as indicated by strong, non-surging jets), priming of the spa is complete.

Step 6. Turn on the jets-
Step 6.1-

Good job!

Good job 2-

Watch the video here! How to Properly Refill Your Hot Spot and Solana Spa to Prevent an Airlock

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