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How to Install the Freshwater III Corona Discharge Ozonator Ozone Generator on a Hot Spring, Tiger River, and Limelight Spa

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Welcome to Backyardplus! In this post, we show you how to install the Freshwater III Corona Discharge Ozonator on a Hot Spring, Tiger River, and Limelight spa. It is highly recommended to replace the injector, ozone resistant tubing, and check valve when replacing the ozonator. The 72602 Freshwater III Corona Discharge Ozonator comes with all of these parts! Before we get started, let’s go over the tools and parts you will need.

Tools You Will Need to Install the Freshwater III Corona Discharge Ozonator:

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Needle nose Vice Grips
  • Hose pinching pliers x 2
  • Wine corks x 2
  • Silicone grease

Parts You Will Need:

  • FreshWater III Corona Discharge Ozonator Item #: 72602
  • What’s included: Freshwater 3 High Output Ozone System w/ Direct Connect Power Cord, Injector, Ozone Resistant Tubing & Check Valve.

Step 1. Disconnect power from the spa.

Step 1. Disconnect the power-

Step 2. Remove the equipment door and control box lid.

Step 2. Equipment door-
Step 2.1 Lid-

Step 3. Disconnect the old ozonator from the control box. Disconnect the black, white, and green wires from the Ozone terminals on the motherboard.

Step 3. Disconnect ozone-

Step 4. Squeeze the strain relief bushing with your needle nose vice grips and pull the ozone cord through the bottom of the control box.

Step 4. Remove strain relief bushing-

Step 5. Place your hose pinching pliers on each end of the black ozone injector. Pinch the tubing as tightly as you can. 

Step 5. Hose pinching pliers-

Step 6. Loosen and remove the two spring clamps from the black ozone injector.

Step 6. Loosen hose clamps-

Step 7. Disconnect the tubing from each end of the injector and quickly insert the two wine corks.

Step 7. Insert wine corks-

Step 8. Remove the old injector, tubing, check valve, and ozonator from the spa.

Step 8. Remove everything-

Notice how the old ozonator was filled with water. This happens when the check valve fails. It is highly recommended to replace the 1044101 1/4in ozone check valve every 2 years to prevent this from happening.

Step 8.1 Old Freshwater filled with water-

Step 9. Mount the new Freshwater III ozonator on the inside wall of the equipment compartment.

Step 9. Mount the new ozonator-

Step 10. Install the strain relief bushing on the ozonator cord. Squeeze the strain relief with your vice grips and route the cord through the bottom of the control box.

Step 10. Route the cord-

Step 11. Plug the black, and white ozonator wires into the ozone terminals. The new Freshwater III does not have a green ground wire.

Step 11. Plug it in-

Step 12. Loop the ¼” ozone tubing around a pipe up high in the equipment compartment.

Step 12. Loop the tubing-

Step 13. Connect the ozone output tubing to the barbed nipple on the Freshwater III. You may need to widen the tubing with a screwdriver or soften it with a heat gun to get it to fit over the barbed nipple.

Step 13. Connect tubing to the ozonator-

Step 14. Install the injector with the flow arrow going in the direction of the water flow. Cover the barbed nipples with silicone grease for ease of installation.

Step 14. Flow arrow-

Step 15. Remove the wine corks. Quickly connect the tubing to the injector and install the spring clamps.

Step 15. Remove wine corks and connect tubing-
Step 16. Install clamps remove pliers-

Step 16. Remove the hose pinching pliers.

Step 16. Remove pliers-

Good job!

Ozonator Thumbnail-

Watch the video here!

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