Thermostat, Control, Hot Spring

Item #: 30203

This Control Thermostat is the replacement for all Hot Spring manufactured from 1986-1988.

Notes: The numbers on the control panel temperature dial do not correspond to any specific temperature. They are a convenient way to mark where a person likes the thermostat set.

Technical Specs:
Copper Lead Length: 36 ”
Operating Voltage: 115 Volt AC
Warnings: Adjusting the “Allen” (hex) type screw on any thermostat part frequently causes the thermostat to fail.

This part can be found on
Hot Spring pre 89 D, IO, PS from 0 to 0.
Hot Spring F, G, H, HP, IA, J, JA from 0 to 0.

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Ref. Diagram
# 1 Thermostats & Highlimits (Hot Spring pre 89 0 - 0) View Diagram
brand model years
Hot Spring pre 89 Classic (D) 0
Hot Spring Classic (F) 0
Hot Spring Grandee (G) 0
Hot Spring Prodigy (H) 0
Hot Spring Prodigy (HP) 0
Hot Spring Indoor/Outdoor (IA) 0
Hot Spring pre 89 Indoor Outdoor (IO) 0
Hot Spring Jetsetter (J) 0
Hot Spring Jetsetter (JA) 0
Hot Spring pre 89 Personal Spa (PS) 0

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