Heaterbody, 115V -Stainless Steel, Hot Spring, 1 Pump System

Item #: 30791

This stainless steel heater housing is tubular in shape and has three intake/discharge ports. The two larger ports (1/2″), located on the end of the housing, are used to circulate water through the housing via the small, low flow circulation pumps. The smaller port (1/4″), also located at the end of the housing, is used to drain the spa heater in preparation of winterization.

Note: Used on the one pump configuration Hot Spring brand spas before they added a low flow circulation pump.

This part can be found on
Hot Spring F from 1990 to 1994 • H from 1994 to 1994.
Hot Spring pre 89 I, J from 1994 to 1994.

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Ref. Diagram
# 11 Heater 20286.50 & 20286.75 (Hot Spring 1990 - 1994) View Diagram
brand model years
Hot Spring Classic (F) 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994
Hot Spring Prodigy (H) 1994
Hot Spring Sovereign (I) 1994
Hot Spring Jetsetter (J) 1994