Jet Selector Knob, Tiger River

Sku: 35104

This gray knob (dial) was used on the 1994-1997 Tiger River spa diverter valve (jet selector). If your spa is a 1994, then you’ll also need to replace the bezel that’s located under this dial.


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Ref. Diagram
# 1 Jet Selector Lever/Valve 1994 - 1997 (Tiger River 1994 - 1996) View Diagram
# 1 Diverter Valve (Tiger River 1997 - 1997) View Diagram
brand model years
Tiger River Siberian (L) 1997
Tiger River Manora (M) 1994, 1995, 1996
Tiger River Manora 230v. (MH) 1996
Tiger River Sumatran (N) 1997
Tiger River Tondi Round (P) 1995, 1996
Tiger River Tondi Round 230v. (PH) 1996
Tiger River Bengal (M) 1997

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