Power Cord, Silentflo 5002, Tiger River

Item #: 35217

This Silentflo 5002 power cord is for the 1995-1996 230 volt Tiger River Khyber, Manora (MH model) & Tondi (PH model) models only. Although the above-mentioned spa models are connected to 230volts, the Silentflo 5002 is a 120volt pump and has been replaced with the new E5 circulation pump.

This part can be found on
Tiger River L, LH, MH, PH from 1995 to 1996.

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Ref. Diagram
Circulation Pump (Tiger River 1995 - 1996) View Diagram
brand model years
Tiger River Siberian (L) 1995, 1996
Tiger River Manora 230v. (MH) 1995, 1996
Tiger River Tondi Round 230v. (PH) 1995, 1996

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