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This heater was only used on the 1998 Hot Spot RE, RLX, SE, and SLX spa models. This heater is attached to the rear of the control box and is a flow-through type heater. It’s secured to the rear of the control box using two bolts and attached to the spa’s plumbing using compression fittings at either end.

Technical Specs: 115 Volt AC, 1.0 kW, 8 Amp.

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Ref. Diagram
# 1 Heater 1993-1994,1998 (33111 & 37333) (Hot Spot 1998 - 1998) View Diagram
brand model years
Hot Spot Hotspot 2 (Y) 1998
Hot Spot SLX (YQ) 1998
Hot Spot Round (Z) 1998
Hot Spot RLX (ZQ) 1998