SpaGuard Natural Spa Enzyme, 32oz

Sku: 42652BIO

SpaGuard Natural Spa Enzyme

Eliminates oils by converting them to easier-to-remove compounds
Reduces unpleasant odors
Improves water clarity
Reduces scum-line build-up
Helps keep spa water clear


SPAGUARD NATURAL SPA ENZYME is a natural enzyme formulation designed for use in spas and hot tubs. SPAGUARD NATURAL SPA ENZYME controls odors and scum line build-up caused by oils, lotions, greases and other organic contaminates. Using SPAGUARD NATURAL SPA ENZYME will keep your spa cleaner longer. Spa water is clearer and the overall spa experience is enhanced. SPAGUARD NATURAL SPA ENZYME is compatible with bromine and chlorine spa care sanitizers and oxidizers (shocks). SPAGUARD NATURAL SPA ENZYME contains biodegradable ingredients.

MEASUREMENT AND DOSING: Use all level measurements, 2 tablespoons per 100 gallons or 1 fl oz per 100 gallons.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake before use. Spa water temperature should be at least 95 degrees Fahrenheit prior to application of this product. Application to colder water may increase occurrence of foaming. Once water reaches at least 95F the foaming will subside.

  1. Use container cap as a convenient measuring device.
  2. Add 2 tablespoons or 4 capfuls of SPAGUARD NATURAL SPA ENZYME per 100 gallons of water. Pour directly into water with the spa circulation system operating.
  3. Add the recommended dosage weekly in residential spas. In heavily used spas increase frequency to twice or three times per week. Do not increase dosage.

Reference numbers: RO811 42652BIO L42652BIOV1

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