Impeller, Wavemaster, 3 HP, 60 Hz, 48 Frame, European Export (2HP @ 50Hz)

Sku: 71405-EUXP2

This impeller is used on the  export Wavemaster®  9000 and Wavemaster®  9200 50-Hz jet pumps. This impeller screws onto the pump motor’s threaded shaft with regular right-hand threads.

Specs:  2.0 HP (3.0 HP @ 60 Hz), 48 frame, XP2 pump

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Description: This is the 3.0 HP (@ 60 Hz) impeller for the Wavemaster®  2.0HP, 50 Hz, 48 frame pump (Dots: green, green)

Installation: The steps to replace an impeller are very similar to replacing a wet-end kit and take about the same amount of time.
Step 1. Unscrew and Remove the volute cover of the Wet End.
Step 2. Use a pair of plyers to hold the motor shaft while you turn the impeller counterclockwise.
Step 3. Turn the impeller counterclockwise until it is free from the motor shaft.
Step 4. If the spring-loaded part of the shaft seal, or the wear ring is still on the impeller, remove them.
Step 5. To install the new impeller, simply reverse steps 1 – 4.

Important information for replacement parts:
This impeller works with vendor code “4081” and with model 0965901. Please check the vendor code or pump model on your pump before ordering replacement parts and use the chart to determine the correct wet-end replacement. If your vendor code reads “3536“,  or your model number reads 0965901-03, please send us photos of your pump.  If the vendor code is “3861” or has a “-01, or –02” at the end of the model number, please call 805-541-9000 or text us photos of your pump’s labels or stickers.

This impeller will work with the following pumps:
Wet End Impeller Shaft Seal Wear Ring
no longer available,
use 77516-BYP* which has a different
impeller size/design
71405-EUXP2** 71447-BYP 71409

*Stamped on leg of wet end: 92772705.
**71405-EUXP2 Dots: green, green (use 71409 wear ring).
If you can’t determine the dots on your impeller, buy the entire wet-end kit. The installation time is about the same.

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