Granite Surface Repair Kit, Aqua

Item #: 72974

Obsolete: No factory suggested replacement available at this time. Please contact our technicians for advice (805) 541-9000 or

This is a surface repair kit for aqua colored spa shells.  This repair should be done by a qualified service professional.  Most of the time it’s best to hire an acrylic repair company to do this repair.

Packaged for use in minimal “one-time repair” or up to (1) 3” to 5” crack or (1) average size Blister. Complete Kit comes with acrylic paste, matched to Watkin’s colors and protective clear coat to seal the repair from the spa’s elements.

Kit Components:

COMPONENT A 3 oz. Color-matched paste – choose color from list
COMPONENT B Ample Catalyst for the resin paste
K2000-TEXTURING CLEAR 1 oz. Recreates the “textured” look and seals the repair from water chemistry
K2000-TEXTURING CLEAR Hardener 1 oz.
ACCESSORIES Gloves, Mixing Cups , Stir Sticks and Application Brush