Soothing Seven Jet, Hot Spring, Warm Gray

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Warm Gray-colored Soothing Seven Jet, with Stainless Steel accents, inserts into the front wall fitting. The unique jet features seven ports that disperse a strong, broad stream of water that gently relieves tension in your shoulders and upper back. Hot Spring Models 2012-2013.

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Ref. Diagram
# 2 Soothing Seven Jet (Hot Spring 2012 - 2013) View Diagram
brand model years
Hot Spring Aria (AR) 2012, 2013
Hot Spring Grandee (GG) 2012, 2013
Hot Spring Prodigy (H) 2012, 2013
Hot Spring Envoy (KK) 2012, 2013
Hot Spring Vista (SS) 2012, 2013
Hot Spring Vanguard (VV) 2012, 2013

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