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Wireless Remote Dock Replacement in 11 Quick Steps

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At some point, the wireless remote control dock on your Highlife spa will need to be replaced. In this post we are going to show you exactly how to perform a wireless remote dock replacement. This is a fairly easy replacement that should have your hot tub back up and running in no time! First, there are a few tools you are going to need in order to perform your wireless remote dock replacement.

BYP Tech Tip:

You should always replace your wireless remote control and your wireless remote control dock at the same time. The reason is that like the headlights in your car, the wireless remote and wireless dock tend to stop working at the same time. Another good reason to replace them at the same time is that it will save you time, energy, and the headache of having to do a second diagnosis and replacement just a few weeks or maybe even just a few days later.

Tools needed for a wireless remote dock replacement:

  • Safety glasses
  • Flathead screwdriver and or thin metal blade – putty knife
  • Masking tape
  • Silicon tube, DOW 839 #301259
  • Rags (2)


Step 1: Power off the spa, open the equipment compartment door and access the IQ2020 Eagle control box.

wireless remote dock replacement

Step 2: Locate the docking station port (control head port).

1.5 Locate the docking station port on the motherboard-

Step 3: Disconnect the docking station cable connector.

2. Diconnect docking station connector cable-

Step 4: Apply masking tape to the bar top around the docking station to prevent the shell from being scratched. NOTE: The masking tape will also be used to outline the proper placement of the replacement unit.

3. Apply masking tape-

Step 5: Use a thin flat blade screwdriver or a flat metal tool to pry the edges of the docking station.

4. Pry up with a flat blade screwdriver-

NOTE: If necessary, use a second screwdriver and carefully push up on the docking station to create a space to insert the screwdriver.

4.5 Push up on the docking station-

Step 6: Remove the docking station and remove the excess silicon left on the shell.

5. Remove the docking station-


Step 7: Place a 3/16” bead of clear silicon all the way around the lip area of the docking station.

6. Place a bead of silicon-

Step 8: Place the docking station onto the shell opening and press down evenly to secure it in place.

7. Press the docking staion firmly in place 2-

Step 9: Use a clean towel or rag to remove any excess silicon from the area.

7.5 Remove excess silicon-

Step 10: Remove the masking tape, apply water to a rag and wipe off any excess silicone left on the spa shell. IMPORTANT! DO NOT use any cleaning products containing abrasives or solvents, as they may damage the shell’s surface.

8.5 apply a wet rag remove excess silicon 1-

Step 11: Route the docking station cable to the control box and connect it to the control head port.

9. Plug it back in-

YOU’RE ALL FINISHED! Thank you for reading “Wireless Remote Dock Replacement in 11 Steps.”

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