Control Head & 3-Button Aux Panel (for jade spas)

Sku: 71935
This item is obsolete and replaced by:
71903 73225 77271

OBSOLETE-Use the  73225 & 71904  (Please call our techs  at 805-541-9000, if you have any questions as these two parts need the upgraded control box 77271)

This control head and auxiliary control panel kit will upgrade (fiber-optic controls were discontinued by 2000 and no longer available) the 1998-1999 Hot Spring Classic, 1999 Prodigy and the 1998-1999 Sovereign’s fiber-optic controls to the year 2000. This kit includes both the low voltage replacement control head, located behind the control panel bezel and the jade and white aux panel that’s located inside the spa.

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