Upright Lifter and Pro Lifter Spacer

Item #: 78164

This spacer is used on Upright cover lifters for HSS (Hot Springs Spas) and Pro Lifter Caldera.

This part can be found on
Limelight BMI, BMII, FLR, FSH, PLS, PSM from 2018 to 2018.

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Ref. Diagram
Uprite Cover Lifter (Limelight 2018 - 2018) View Diagram
brand model years
Limelight Beam I (BMI) 2018
Limelight Beam II (BMII) 2018
Limelight Flair (FLR) 2018
Limelight Flash (FSH) 2018
Limelight Pulse (PLS) 2018
Limelight Prism (PSM) 2018

63240A 78164 Instructions