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How to Connect the Spa Lights in a 2009.5-2012.5 Hot Spring Orca Retrofit

LEDLights how to-

Welcome to Backyard Plus! In this post we show you how to disconnect the old lighting system and how to connect the lights in the Eagle box on a 2009.5-2012.5 Hot Spring retrofit. Before we get started, let’s go over the tools and parts you will need.

Tools You will need:

  • Needle nose pliers
  • Labels or masking tape

Parts you will need:

  • 76836 Eagle control box (the Eagle box comes with 4 light adapters)

Step 1. Disconnect power to the spa.

Disconnect power 120 volt-

Step 2. Identify each light connector and label each one according to its zone. 

Step 2. label each one-

Step 3. Disconnect the red connector from the I2C Interface port.

Step 3. Remove the red connector-

Step 4. Disconnect the lighting power supply from the APM on the motherboard.  

Step 4. Disconnect the power supply-

Step 5. Disconnect the lights from the light controller.

Step 5. Disconnect the lights-

Step 6. Throw the light controller and power supply in the trash.

Step 6. Trash-

Step 7. After installing the 76836 Eagle control box, use the light adapters to plug the lights directly into the motherboard. Plug the male adapter into the female light connector. Be sure the arrows on the adapter and light connector are aligned with each other.

Step 7. Align the arrows-

Step 8. Plug the light adapter into the corresponding zone on the motherboard.

Step 8. Plug the adapters in-

Good job!

Good job 1-

Watch the video here! “How to Connect the Spa Lights in a 2009.5-2012.5 Hot Spring Orca Retrofit”

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