SpaGuard Total Alkalinity Increaser, Hot Tub pH Increaser, 2lb

Sku: 42630BIO

Total Alkalinity Increaser, Hot Tub pH Increaser

Eliminates “pH bounce” by balancing total alkalinity
Helps to prevent equipment and surface corrosion and damage due to low pH
1 tbsp. per 100 gallons raises total alkalinity 25 ppm


SPAGUARD TOTAL ALKILINITY INCREASER is a Hot Tub pH Increaser that raises total alkalinity in spa water. Low total alkalinity may cause spa water to be corrosive to metal causing staining, etching or distorting of spa surfaces. Proper alkalinity reduces “pH bounce” by buffering the water against undesirable pH changes. Total alkalinity should be maintained in the range of 125-150 ppm (parts per million).

MEASUREMENT AND DOSING: Use all level measurements. 4 tablespoons = 1/4 cup.


  1. Use an accurate test method to determine alkalinity of water.
  2. Determine the required amount of SpaGuard Total Alkalinity Increaser needed to adjust the alkalinity to maintain a reading of 150 ppm.
  3. With pump running on high speed, pour the required amount directly into spa water and continue running pump for 30 minutes.

Reference number: R0801 42630BIO L42630BIO

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