Pump, 1 Hp, 1-Speed, Mallorca

Sku: 72203
This item is obsolete and replaced by:
72992 71894

OBSOLETE: Use 72992  or 71894 as the replacement.

Replacement single-speed 230volt jet pump for all Hot Spot Mallorca spa model manufactured in the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2003 only.  This is one of two pumps used on the Mallorca.

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What’s Included:  Jet Pump w/power cord and shroud. Also included is the bleedline nipple (item 32267).
Specs: 1.0 HP, 1-Speed

Installation: Some models may require minor plumbing modifications to connect to the new wet end. The factory used many vendors for the wet end side of this Jet Pump,  and as a result, this Jet Pump may not be an exact fit in some tubs.

Important information for replacement parts:
Please check vendor code, horsepower, voltage, and speed on your pump before ordering replacement parts.

Vendor Code: 3536
Model: 39575-03
Wet End Impeller Shaft Seal Wear Ring
77709 IMP-77709 77363 n/a

*Stamped on volute: GF30 & B653-11

Vendor Code: 4081
Model: 39575
Wet End Impeller Shaft Seal Wear Ring
WE-71894* 71695** 71447-BYP 71409

*Stamped on leg of wet end:92772705
**71695 Dots: orange (use 71409 wear ring)

Vendor Code: 3861
Model: 39575-02
Wet End Impeller Shaft Seal Wear Ring
Please call 805-541-9000 or text us photos of your pump’s labels

If the vendor code is “3861” or has a “-01, or –02” at the end of the model number, please call 805-541-9000 or text us photos of your pump’s labels or stickers.

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Ref. Diagram
Jet Pump, Wavemaster XP2/LX (Hot Spot 2003 - 2003) View Diagram
brand model years
Hot Spot Mallorca (MAL) 2003
Hot Spot Mallorca (MALS) 2003

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