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76836 Eagle Box Software Update and 77433 Control Panel Configuration

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In this post, we will walk you through a software update in your IQ2020 Eagle control box 76836 and how to pair and configure (or set the soft jumpers) to the 76845 control panel (topside).

Step 1. Disconnect power to the tub.

eagle box software update

Step 2. Locate the USB port on the IQ 2020 motherboard.

Step 2. Locate the USB port 1-

Step 3. Insert the USB flash drive.

Step 3. Insert the flash drive 1-

Step 4. Reconnect power to the tub.

Step 4. Reconnect Power 2-
Step 4.75 Green power light 1-

Step 5. Verify the updated software version on the control panel display.

Step 5. Verify Software version 1-

Step 6: Locate the Setup (SW1) button.

Step 6. LOcate the SW1-

The control panel will display, “Protection Mode”.

Step 6.5 Protection Mode-

Hold the button down for 2-3 seconds until you see “Service Mode” on the control panel.

Step 6.75 Hold the SW1 button-

Step 7. Press the “NEXT” button twice, then select “CONFIGURATION”. 

Step 7. Press next twice-

Step 8. Verify the software and find your spa in the control box configuration instructions.

Step 8. Verify software-
Step 8.5 Find Your spa-

Step 9. Set the soft jumpers using the four soft buttons.

Step 9. Set the soft Jumpers 1-

Step 10. Disconnect power from the tub.

Step 10. Disconnect power 1-

Step 11. Remove the flash drive.

Step 11. Remove the USB flash drive-

Step 12. Reconnect power to the tub and you’re all done!

Step 12. Reconnect Power 1-

Watch The Video Here: “76836 Eagle Box Software Update and 77433 Control Panel Configuration”

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